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Last updated: 1 year ago

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Kidson created a new topic Kidson Podcast #22 – Cut & Run Mix in the forums.
Happy to see my login from years ago still works

Within this podcast I find myself creating a mix of pure Cut & Run Records. This label played a big part in my love of the Breakbeat, most of the tracks I’ve chosen I played out in clubs at the time and pushed this label quite hard and used to stock the vinyl in my shop for quite a few years.
I’ve decided to upload this podcast without any speech / audio from myself. It’s a much more relaxed mix allowing the track to play unlike my older Breakbeat mixes online. For me at that time I mixed out of a track within a few minutes and a chilled mix never crossed my mind.

1. CAR026-A – Sirens
2. CAR018-A – 2001 Space
3. CAR025-A – Another Dance
4. CAR020-A – Blade (Bass In The Place)
5. CAR019-A – Detroit
6. CAR017-A – Ground Cru
7. CAR037-B – Exodus
8. CAR012-A – No Good
9. CAR036-A – In For The Pill
10. CAR017-B – Freddy R U Ready
11. CAR030-A – Trouble In The Jungle
12. CAR034-A – Worriers Dance
13. CAR006-B – Forget About Dread
14. CAR028-A – Blind
15. CAR015-B – Gangstas Parody
16. CAR005-A – King Of The Bongo
17. CAR002-A – Outta Space
Mixed by Kidson – Full blog post

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Podcast created and edited by John Kidson.
23 hours ago
Kidson uploaded a new avatar
23 hours ago
savagetraxx Feeling that beat
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