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Qousey has been making dance floors bounce since early 1997. Like most people, Qousey help promote shows in Houston and Austin by passing out flyers for companies like After Dark and Chemistry Records. At the time as a dj you could say he was in search of his sound. It mainly consisted of desert trance and acid breaks. Living in Nacogdoches at the time didn't help. It didn’t take long to realize that in order for him to pursue a career in music he had to move on to bigger and better opportunities and say goodbye to frat parties and the local sports bars of East Texas. So in the fall of 1999, he made his move to Austin. 

Soon after, he and a few friends from Austin and the Nacogdoches area formed Audiomatic Productions, which was a forum they used to organize and promote ourselves and events. It didn’t take that much time for the word to get out. In time we grew into a well respected name in the Austin/Houston areas. During this period, Qousey held residencies at clubs in Texas such as Spiros Night Club (Austin), Plush (Austin), Pangea(Houston), Club Meneo(Austin), Industry Cafe(Houston) and Karma Lounge(Austin). Also, Qousey became a local name in many other events including Electric Daisy Carnival, SXSW (South By South West) and Zen Festival. In 2004, Audiomatic Productions was passed down onto his partners. So Qousey took a break from the decks and focused on furthering his education in the audio field. 

He left Austin and moved to Orlando, where he enrolled at Full Sail University. Qousey graduated with a degree in Audio Engineering and received "Second Runner Up" in the Final Mix Competition held by the University. Soon after graduation, he moved back to Austin. Now back, Qousey has resurrected Audiomatic with help & support from friends, family, and the EDM community. He has been able to be involved in many projects that involve all aspects of audio including dj, live production, post production, music production, field recording, sound design and mastering.

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