Forthcoming Splitloop Album from Against the Grain

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Flick through the player for a sneak preview of Splitloop's new album 'Pleasure Machine'. Released 21st July on Against The Grain.

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Phil and Bren of Splitloop admit to exploring other genres when writing 'Pleasure Machine', the broadening of their horizons has had a profound influence on the Splitloop sound. "You can't be looking only to one genre to get inspiration for your music," reckons Bren. "That would just be a ridiculous feedback loop".


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"We're at a stage where we really just wanted to make music we thought was really good and moving our sound forward, not worrying about what anyone else would think."

Dipping their toes into other styles of electronic music has certainly paid off for the guys. 'Pleasure Machine' has a velvety sheen, touching on modern sexy D. Ramirez-type electro-house, juddery Justice riddims, old skool electro, Plumpy breaks, bleepy Trickyesque bizness, speak 'n' spell robotica and a hell of a lot more. There's a consistency to their sound that glazes the whole album - sexy electronic dance music that'll be rocking floors from Brighton to Beijing, quite simply 'Pleasure Machine' is bang on the money.

Accumulating all the tools to soundtrack a fantastic night out, the Splitloop guys have set the dials for pleasure. The touring that's going to be accompanying this album is going to bring them into contact with a whole new set of pleasure-seeking individuals.

Bren is philosophical about their early career. "Our first studio had a broken toilet, so everything smelled like piss," he remembers. "We could never afford monitors 'cos all our money went on pills and beer. As soon as we gave up pills, we bought monitors and got signed."

Naming themselves after one of their first productions together, the guys started making a name for themselves and in no time at all, were signed to Krafty Kuts' leading breaks label Against The Grain. With a artist roster that also boasts artists such as The Freestylers, Deekline & Wizard, Ed Solo & Skool Of Thought, the guys new they were seriously starting to make waves.

Their 'Here On Business' album, released in late 2005, garnered acclaim in DJ, Mixmag and i-DJ and pretty much rounded up where they were at. A snapshot of their top-notch productions, it was nominated in the Best Album category at the annual Breakspoll awards. The guys also received a Best Producer nomination as well for good measure.

The duo began rocking parties around the world - from Australia to China, Russia to Spain - with the pair of them lugging around two desktops and outboard gear initially, rather than just a bag of records.

"We've just always played live, we never really wanted to do anything other than showcase our tunes in the best way we knew how," says Phil.

"Yeah, the live show works so much better for us," adds Bren. "Although playing other people's tunes is fun, it doesn't compare to doing a really good show with your own stuff."

Like Orbital, with whom they share an absence of hair, Splitloop jam tunes live. "It's a great opportunity to tweak tunes as a crowd vibes off them," enthuses Phil. "Something you can only do in a limited way playing records."

"Chopping and changing parts, adding synths... I think more energy comes across in what we do live," declares Bren.

Many more live gigs are set to accompany this album. But do they still get on, or is it a case of separate tour buses at dawn? "It is still very good fun, I'm happy to report," says Bren. "There's been times when we argue like an old married couple but in general you remember that you're doing this because it's supposed to be fun and you should be enjoying it."

"It's still a good crack," adds Phil, sagely. "It's important to know when to have a laugh, and when to knuckle down to things - it's an understanding that comes easily after years of working together. It used to be vodka and spliffs and writing tunes after clubs. Now it's ginger tea and writing tunes at 9am."

'Pleasure Machine'

100 Places
Back That Smack That
Crazy Sexy
Frequency Rebel
Ghetto Blaster
Go Down Rough
Keep Running
Party People
Pleasure Machine
Release Remove
Speak & Splitloop
Tweaked Out