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SHADE K is a fresh and proud Luchador that live with his mother and can usually be found with a cigar in his mouth. A party animal, he is usually in a cheerful gait while his teammates brood. From a very young age Shade, in light of his family poor finance’s, drops out of college to become a successful lounge singer at a local club. A fact he keeps secret from his father, a washed-up wrestler under the name of Tonino. Tonino has had some recent popularity in the ring, only due to Shade bribing other wrestlers to lose. Shade is also secretly moonlighting as the masked Luchador “Huracan Ramizer” to further help with the household expenses. He is assisted by his somewhat dim-witted friend, Naiblaze, who doubles as his trainer and his stand-in for any situation in which Fernando and Huracan might have to be seen at the same time!