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BETTER KICKS the mighty duo of Megawatt and his brother Potato Patata Jr perform their quality Luchadores moves (their legendary “Magna Electrica” move) on a wrestling competition in the far-away island of Gula-Gula while the dictator of this tiny place, the blood thirsty Azulao, found the chance to imprisoned all Luchadores that took part in the competition! His dream was to organise a personal wrestling championship in which the best Lucahdores of the world will took part.! Carmelita Gonzalez and her brother Pichi aka BUBBLE COUPLE get informed about this, they've contacted ALT-A-the mighty “El Oldskoolico”-got some quality samples by him and went immediatelly to Gula-Gula where they've performed (together with Better Kicks) top class Tech-Funk anthems of “The Sound” and managed to win the fight against Azulao!! Gula-Gula was at last free from his dictatorship and the people of the island organise a huge masquerade carnival in order to praise the mighty Luchadores and to celebrate their freedom!

Remixes by Better Kicks and Bubble Couple!