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CAT. No: DLR144
GENRE: Tech-Funk
COVER DESIGN: 246 Design
DISTRIBUTION: Disco Distribution

DIABLO LOCO RECORDS is the new quality label focused on Tech-Funk, Electro-House, Tech-Breaks sound by top artists of the international scene. Inspired by the traditional Mexican wrestling culture and the famous Luchadores the label aim to deliver top class singles, remixes, compilations and design!

STAXIA aka “Perrito Slam” the violent masked wrestler who hates just about everything and can get angry very easily is back on DIABLO LOCO RECORDS for more wicked and unique Lucha Libre extravaganza! While he was in the small Mexican village Chiahuanga he faced a challenge from the local mafia gang, the infamous Perronitas, actually a group of angry students taking bad guy lesson in Room 227. In the beginning the gang doesn't caused any real troubles aside from some occasional bullying but day by day they becoming more powerful and angy with the result of causing serious troubles to villagers. FLASHBACK aka “Suschard Brothers”, the mighty Swish/Spanish Luchadores duo who are chocolate experts, came over for help and together they've performed some outstanding Lucha moves (actually some special Tech-Funk moves with saxophone fills) that helped them superior in the battle!!

Available EARLY APRIL from selected major online retailers.




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In those years only a ve"ry few people had ever come to the Mediterranean in the ~ummer time and no one came to Ie Graudu Rai except a few people from Nimes. There was no casino and no entertainment and except in the hottest months when people came to swim there was no one at the hotel. People did not wear fishermen's shirts then and this girl that he was married to was the first girl he had ever seen wearing one. She had bought the sh.irts for them and then had washed them in, the basin in their room at the hotel to take the stiffness out of them. They were stiff and built for hard wear but the washings softened them and now they were worn and softened enough so that when he looked at the girl now her breasts showed beautifully against the worn cloth. No one wore shorts either around the vilJage and the girl could not wear them when they rode their bicycles. But in the village it did not matter because the people were very friendly and only the local priest disapproved. But the girl went to mass on Sunday wearing a skirt and a long-sleeved cashmere sweater with her hair covered with a scarf and the young man stood in the back of the church with the men. They gave twenty francs which was more than a dollar then and since the priest took up the collection himself their attitude toward the church was known and the wearing of shorts in the village was regarded a,S an eccentricity by foreigners rather than an attempt against the morality of the ports of the Camargue.



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''What are you thinking?" the girl asked. "Nothing." ''You have to think something." "I was just feeling."
"How?" "Happy." “But I get so hungry," she said. "Is it normal do you think? Do you always get so hungry when you make love?" "When you love somebody." "Oh, you know too much 'about it," she said. "No." "I don't care. I love it and we don't have to worry about any. thing do we?" . "Nothing." "What do you think we should do?" "I don't know," he said. "Wh~t do you?" "I don't care at all. If you'd like to fish I should Write a letter or maybe two and then we could swim before lunch." ''To be hungry?" "Don't say it. I'm getting hungry already and we haven't finished breakfast." "We can think about lunch." "And. then after lunch?" 'We'll take a nap like good children." ''That's an absolutely new idea," she said. ''Why have we never thought of that?" "I have these flashes of intuition" he said. "I'm the inventive type." "I'm the destructive type," she said. "And I'm going to destroy you. They'll put a plaque up on the wall of the building outside the room. I'm going to wake up in the night and do 'something to you that you've never even heard of or imagined. I was"going to last night but I was too sleepy." ''You're too sleepy to be dangerous." "Don't lull yourself into any false security. Oh darling let's have it hurry up and be lunch time." They sat there in their 'striped fishermen's shirts and the shorts they had bought in the store that sold marine supplies, and they were very tan and their ha'ir was streaked and faded by the sun and the sea. Most people thought they were brother and sister until they said they were married. Some did not believe that they were married and that pleased the girl very much.



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A flash, a blinding burst of violet light, lit up the sky. Erick clapped his hands over his eyes. The flash whitened, growing larger, expanding. Suddenly there was a roar, and a furious hot wind rushed past him, throwing him on his face in the sand. The hot dry wind licked and seared at them, crackling the bits of branches into flame. Mara and Jan shut their eyes, pressed tightly together. "God—" Erick muttered. The storm passed. They opened their eyes slowly. The sky was still alive with fire, a drifting cloud of sparks that was beginning to dissipate with the night wind. Erick stood up unsteadily, helping Jan and Mara to their feet. The three of them stood, staring silently across the dark waste, the black plain, none of them speaking. The City was gone. At last Erick turned away. "That part's done," he said. "Now the rest! Give me a hand, Jan. There'll be a thousand patrol ships around here in a minute." "I see one already," Mara said, pointing up. A spot winked in the sky, a rapidly moving spot. "They're coming, Erick." There was a throb of chill fear in her voice. "I know." Erick and Jan squatted on the ground around the pyramid of tubes and plastic, pulling the pyramid apart. The pyramid was fused, fused together like molten glass. .



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USA Luchador ENTHEOGEN and Greek fast rising Luchador MOTVIBREAKS are coming like thunder to present you two totally stunning remixes of Tech-Funk superior quality. “CITY LIGHTS” was released through 2016 by the mighty “El Oldskoolico” (aka ALT-A) and caused a lot of damage to every dancefloor! Now DIABLO LOCO RECORDS is proud and happy to present you two phat, full of energy remixes ideal to set dancefloors on Tech-Funk frenzy in Da Lucha style!!!


Est. 1998. is a breakbeat community featuring the breaks and breakbeat radio station broadcasting 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Internet radio station dedicated to dropping the hottest beats on the airwaves: domestic breaks, nuskool breaks, electro breaks, funky breaks, drum and bass, dubstep, drumstep, trap and anything else with a breakbeat. Check the schedule for the full lineup of weekly breakbeat djs broadcasting live hifi audio and video. Also, check out our breakbeat forum for latest updates on releases, shows, and events. Register and join our breaks community today.

What is Breakbeat

Breakbeat (sometimes breakbeats or breaks) is a term used to describe a collection of sub-genres of electronic music, usually characterized by the use of a non-straightened 4/4 drum pattern (as opposed to the steady beat of house or trance). These rhythms may be characterised by their intensive use of syncopation and polyrhythms.



In the late 1970s and early 1980s, hip-hop DJs (starting with Kool DJ Herc) began using several breaks (the part of a funk or jazz song in which the music "breaks" to let the rhythm section play unaccompanied) in a row to use as the rhythmic basis for hip-hop songs. Kool DJ Herc's breakbeat style was to play the same record on two turntables and play the break repeatedly by alternating between the two records (letting one play while spinning the second record back to the beginning of the break). This style was copied and improved upon by early hip hop DJs Afrika Bambaataa and Grand Wizard Theodore.This style was extremely popular in clubs and dance halls because the extended breakbeat was the perfect backdrop for breakdancers to show their skills.

In recent times, the term breakbeat has become synonymous with the many genres of breaks music which have become popular within the global dance music scene, including big beat, nu skool breaks and progressive breaks. DJs from a variety of genres, including house and techno, work breaks tracks into their sets. This may occur because the tempo of breaks tracks (ranging from 110 to 150 beats per minute) means they can be readily mixed with these genres, whereas the comparatively fast speed of jungle and drum and bass (160-180 bpm) may have restricted the utility of these subgenres to DJs playing slower-tempo music. Some artists well known for breakbeat include The Freestylers, NAPT, Dj Loopy, Pendulum, Soul Of Man, Dj deekline and wizard, Ben & Lex, The Breakfastaz, Ctrl Z, Stanton Warriors, Dj Icey, Freq Nasty and Plump DJ's.

Breakbeats are used in many hip hop, rap, jungle, and hardcore songs, and can also be heard in other music, from popular music to background music in car and jean commercials on the radio or TV.



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