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Xim N Bass with Unreal!!!

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After much success with "Die" and "Prophets" on TVR013, Xim N Bass are back again on Trans:verse with two more dark storming breakbeat tracks. Frank Bass and Xim bring in Unreal to add more flare. This new duo from Spain are staying true to the heavy breaks sound that everyone has grown to love coming from Spain and the ever enduring Trans:verse Label. Breaks enthusiasts should be on the look for all of these artists in the future. The release date is set for September 16th.
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Mars "Samurai" - XSSR Music

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YES! Samurai is another bomb being dropped from Russia. Mars is back again with his own original on XSSR Music. Sweeping pads, heavy bass and breaks are the formula for this entire release. Mesmer is the featured remixer on this one. With the stomping beats dominating the mix,  these tracks will surely slice through eardrums like wow gold kaufen billig a true samurai. This release has gained huge support from  Mixmag, Jay Cunning and Annie Nightengale.


There will also be a remix release to follow this, so be on the lookout!

Free Tune From Haggstrom & Caswell

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 Haggstrom & Caswell feat. Shawniemon
Room is spinning quickly
Label: FlatOut Records




Room is spinning is out now on FlatOut Records you can grab
higher quality kbps from Beatport:

Haggstrom & Caswell

London expats Peo Haggstrom AKA Peo de Pitte and Hilton Caswell gets together for a total dance floor destroyer here. This is rough electro/fidget with memorable lead line and action from MC Shawniemon on top. This one has already been road tested and is fully supported by Laidback Luke himself!!

Peo’s trademark combination of rare groove beats and cutting edge synth action has resulted in making Peo one to watch in 2009! His remixes of Haggstrom ‘Be My Baby’ and Marcus Rombo ‘Bringing’ has won huge support from breaks and electro DJ’s and many others in between. Watch out for his latest upcoming remix works on 3 of the most heavyweight labels around. He will be retouching Drumattic Twins on Fingerlickin’, Flore on Botchit and Dylan Rhymes on LOT49.

                   And Guesting on Loose Cannons show LIVE  July 21st 2009
Laidback Luke
Really digging this, dirty fucked up sound here :) Will support!"
Sinden Wizzy wow!!! Squiggly wiggly jiggly action. One for sonar this weekend then
Crookers Heavyshit, like the squirrelee synth!
Tittsworth Nice one, love the off beat panning white noise. Bangin all around
Plump DJ’s Mr Peo de Pitte Haggstrom is on fire at the moment. Cracking tune.
Timmy Vegas / Soul Central Nice and twisted...I'm loving this
Meat Katie Oh yeah!!
MC Flipside Big Room Killer :) Will play in my sets....
Jamie Fanatic Love the crossover beats! Definitely gonna be playing this!
Fake Blood I'm into this tune. I will sprinkle it on people's heads.
NAPT Oh man this baddddddddd. Shuffling clunk-tastic beatwork with depth charge squeak riff. pow, yeah man!!!
Loose Cannons This spinning track is another main room cert. Heavy bounce-Wicked.
Plaza de Funk Flat Out goes from strength to uk online casinos strength - this is another wicked release and I will be supporting it for sure!
Ben & Lex Proper bleep fest this :D love it. ill be dropping this at the festies this year!
Flore Absolutely my thing! fat, weird & irresistible :)
Beat Assassins Awesome big lead main room banger! Full support from Beat Assassins!
Drumattic Twins Peo is my favorite producer at the mo ,, lovin the filthy , stinky, sweaty sound ... full support
Hannah Holland Big dancefloor electro fun, the kids will love this one!!
Jaymo Played this twice this weekend in da clubs! Wicked track...

Other DJ's Supporting

Afrojack, Rico Tubbs, General Midi, Nick Thayer, Sarah Main, Matt Darey, Peter Gelderblom, Matthias Menck, B-Side, Groove Diggerz, Elite Force, J-Reverse / Black Legend, Blende, Dylan Rhymes, Sharooz, Soul of man, Splitloop, Hexadecimal, Maelstrom, Trevor Mac Jalapenorecords, Beatchuggers, High Eight, Dumb Dan, 2Elements, Nathan C CR2, Robert Owens, Richie Balboa, Freddy Turner, Vlad Sokolov, Blacksoul, DropX, Reza, DJ Dove, Remaniax, Agent Greg, Carl Loben, Workshy Rene, Paul Wilkins, Angus Robinson, Grant Richards, Delacuerva, Deep Josh, Basti Lourenz, Immaculture Boys, Aspin & Dipace, Joey Fabrini, Stefania Timanti, DJ Tekin, Alister Whitehead, Fussy Hair, Kelevra, Re-Zone, Steelzawheels, Patrick Hagenaar, Bubaking, Digital Mode, Youthful Implants, Detboi, That Girl DJ, Nino Anthony, Sebastien Drums, Carl Kennedy, Filthy Rich, Edbayling, Jesse Vorn, Dave Lambert, DBN, Robb G, Da Viseguy…..

New EP and Free Mix from Drumattic Twins

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Drumattic Twins- DEEP THROAT  E.P
(Finger Lickin Records)
1.‘Crazy Love’ Peo De Pitte rmx
2. ‘Deep Throat’ Original 12”
3. ‘HeartBreaker’
Out Aug 10th 2009

Drumattic Twins



There are only a few breakbeat tracks that make the dent these days, but when you combine the force of breaks/electro fusionist Peo De Pitte with the pedigree of the Drumattic Twins it is no surprise that the result is dancefloor devastation.  The Drumattic Twins are hardcore members of the elite beat making crew and here they deliver an awesome E.P with a saucy eclectic selection of hotties, encompassing an array of styles and influences.

Peo’s remix is already causing a massive stir, a warehouse anthem in the making. Peo De Pitte aka Peo Häggström hails from the city of Stockholm, Sweden. His trademark combination of rare groove beats and cutting edge synth action has resulted in making Peo one to watch in 2009! His remixes of Haggstrom ‘Be My Baby’ and Marcus Rombo ‘Bringing’ have won huge support from breaks and electro dj’s and many others in between. Here he unleashes his talents mashing the f*ck out of the disco tinged original, taking the vocals of Rayan (Shades of Rhythm) and Yolanda (Bugz in the Attic/Massive Attack) to new heights. Chopping and filtering beats and peaking with a signature synth line that smashes through to the heart of the electro ravers.

Packaged with the rather amusingly named and brilliant ‘Deep Throat’, a disco-esque departure from the more typical DT sound, it keeps the funk firmly on the peddle. The Deep Throat 12” tickles and teases with its 70’s strings, P Funk bassline and Spiller-esque summer vibe, a firm favourite to be taken from their recent Hammer & Tongs album. ‘HeartBreaker’ completes the package with its N-Joi inspired keys that drift alongside a fat percussive breakbeat building into a massive synth breakdown. The result a shower of nostalgia that induces misty eyed memories of the good old days.

Drumattic Twins ‘Hammer & Tongs’  album is out now on Finger Lickin

Drumattic Twins DJ Mix

01.             Slyde - Bloc Parties
02.             Slim - Blue world of vibrations (Jinx remix)
03.             Backdraft - Headcharge 9Ribs IG88 remix)
04.            Jinx Feat Brain - Big Fat ass (Original)
05.            Salme Dahlstrom - Hello California (Quadrat beat remix)
06.            Breaking News Ya Booty (Breakheadz Remix)
07.            Titsworth WTF feat kid sister - Pase Rock (Beat assasins remix)
08.            Drumattic twins - Crazy love (Peo De Pitte remix)
09.            Stanton Warriors - Precinct (Plump Djs remix)
10.            Beat assasins - Put Em Up (Napt remix)
11.            Quadrat beat - Hive Inside (VIP Remix)
12.            Drumattic twins Heartbreaker

Finger Lickin

Si Begg- The Bleeps

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Si Begg  ‘The Bleeps’  Video

Si Begg's latest release on Mutate Records having been twisted up and remixed by the legendary Shades of Rhythm (who reformed especially to remix this track) was unfortunately stolen from the hand luggage of one of the members of S.O.R. from a flight from their island hide away recording studio.This Video footage shows those involved in it's theft and the actually loss of the original Bleeps. Any information on the whereabouts of the original bleeps to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
A reward is available for the original Bleeps return.

si begg

Artist:        Si Begg – ‘The Bleeps’
1                      original
2                      Unique 3’s Theme Park RMX
3                      Shades of Rhythm RMX
4                      Si Begg Warehouse VIP 4/4 acid electro RMX
Label              Mutate Records (
Release Date August 3rd 2009


Shut Up And Dance
Plump DJs
KISS FM Nikki Elise (House of Elise / Kiss’s House show)
 John Kennedy X-Posure Monday 22nd June 2009  XFM
BBC Radio 1 Annie Nightingale
D- Code (BBC Radio 1- In New Music We Trust/ 1 Xtra)
M8 Magazine
Top marks to all involved!’ M8/ M8
ATM magazineVery danceable and very bleepy, Warehouse bleeps and cavernous bass with proper breaks. All mixes are great!’

#18 in cool cuts chart

One of the founding family members of the Mutate Record Clan, Si Begg is known to all as that congenial music making man that lives on a quite street in a leafy part of North London, the kinda guy you wished your sister had brought home but didn’t. From time to time, the net curtains that stop him seeing people seeing him will twitch, whilst he takes a break from his newly twisted piece of audio to check that there’s no unmarked slots online vans outside and that, for now, as he mops his brow with his lucky, patterned handkerchief, he knows he’s safe… no-one’s coming to take him away…. Not today at least!

Si Begg has continued to side step musical complacency and defy categorisation. While others seem to be digging up the past and furrowing the same path, Begg seems only to be acknowledging its existence with the flick of a sub-bass detonator. Si’s latest release on Mutate Records – ‘The Bleeps’ is a Lord God Almighty inspired depth charge that is on a crash collision course with the world’s collective dance-floors.

The Bleeps boasts two devastating remixes by the iconic UNIQUE 3 and also by SHADES OF RHYTHM who reformed just to remix this track, such was their excitement on first hearing it.

Unique 3 has been cited by such luminaries as The Chemical Brothers, Coldcut, Goldie & LFO as inspiration.Their early 80's 'Bleep House' creating the start point for House Music as we know it today.' Activity' was the first dance track to sample the AMEN break & went on to become one of the most sampled records ever whilst being cited as one of the very few original 'break-beat' tracks which later spawned 'Jungle' then 'D & B.‘Unique 3 "The first & hardest on the UK House scene’ [Pete Tong - Radio 1]

If you know your rave history you will know about Shades Of Rhythm’s string of hits including ‘Homicide/Exorcist’, ‘Sweet Sensation’, ‘Sound Of Eden’, ‘Ecstasy’ and ‘Sweet Revival’, plus two further albums – ‘Shades Of Rhythm’ and ‘Shades’. They went on tour with The Prodigy and N-joi at the forefront of the Summer Of Love.

The Bleeps is already earmarked for inclusion on The Plump DJs next compilation album, the Plumps being the first to champion this track!

Si begg pic

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