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1pmEST 5pmGMT I Love Breaks w/ Hoffmeister (Germany)
3pmEST 7pmGMT Full Flava Sessions w/ J-PANiK & SlickWillyDee (United Kingdom)
5pmEST 9pmGMT ReFiLL - Rated R (USA)
8pmEST 12amGMT Underground Breaks Show w/ DJ Dezaster (USA)
10pmEST 2amGMT ReFreshed Fridaze w/ Bill Samuelz, Adam12 & Jamie Lin (USA)

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“El Old-skoolico” aka ALT-A is back...this time in a powerful n' melodic mood! Everybody knows that despite considering himself and his team the protectors of Santa Monica area, he has no qualms about tipping off the police when the odds look unfavorable. On the Mexican day of the dead has a run-in with a masked employee. He is connected to an aztec warrior demon name Tezcatcatl, who prays on the hearts of heroes. This leads “El Old-skoolico” to wrestle with some personal issues when he learns about “Los Hermanos numeros”, a family of Five Mexican Luchadores who helped the helpless until one day four were slain by Tezcatcatl. He helps the last member “El Profe” aka XTREME PROJECT, the aforementioned employee, to discover the hero inside, which he lost when his family were killed. Old-skoolico, El Profe and his four brothers, temporarily back from the dead, battle and kill the demon. This leads to the death of El Profe, who is escorted into the afterlife by his brothers. There he researched the Shanshu Prophecy about a vampyre becoming human, and he managed to re-birth as a Luchador again!



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Out Now on Delicious Groove Records...


CoolBreakerZ - What a Fuck EP

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Check out this grimey new E.P. from CoolBreakerZ aka CBZ out now!  This one is dirty, dirty for the true nuskool heads out there.  Check it out!



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Blakoke brings some funky and some melody along with some hefty thumpin' basslines on this one. Be sure to grab this one!



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Alt-A is back with a brand new original track Because I Need You. A sultry vocal lead hits you right from the first drop and combines with a lovely down and dirty bassline to keep things sizzling. Alt-A incorporates a nice high synth lead to smooth things out and the drums are crisp and wide to keep things grooving along on the dance floor.


Est. 1998. is a breakbeat community featuring the breaks and breakbeat radio station broadcasting 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Internet radio station dedicated to dropping the hottest beats on the airwaves: domestic breaks, nuskool breaks, electro breaks, funky breaks, drum and bass, dubstep, drumstep, and anything else with a breakbeat. Check the schedule for the full lineup of weekly breakbeat djs broadcasting live hifi audio and video. Also, check out our breakbeat forum for latest updates on releases, shows, and events. Register and join our breaks community today.

What is Breakbeat

Breakbeat (sometimes breakbeats or breaks) is a term used to describe a collection of sub-genres of electronic music, usually characterized by the use of a non-straightened 4/4 drum pattern (as opposed to the steady beat of house or trance). These rhythms may be characterised by their intensive use of syncopation and polyrhythms.



In the late 1970s and early 1980s, hip-hop DJs (starting with Kool DJ Herc) began using several breaks (the part of a funk or jazz song in which the music "breaks" to let the rhythm section play unaccompanied) in a row to use as the rhythmic basis for hip-hop songs. Kool DJ Herc's breakbeat style was to play the same record on two turntables and play the break repeatedly by alternating between the two records (letting one play while spinning the second record back to the beginning of the break). This style was copied and improved upon by early hip hop DJs Afrika Bambaataa and Grand Wizard Theodore.This style was extremely popular in clubs and dance halls because the extended breakbeat was the perfect backdrop for breakdancers to show their skills.

In recent times, the term breakbeat has become synonymous with the many genres of breaks music which have become popular within the global dance music scene, including big beat, nu skool breaks and progressive breaks. DJs from a variety of genres, including house and techno, work breaks tracks into their sets. This may occur because the tempo of breaks tracks (ranging from 110 to 150 beats per minute) means they can be readily mixed with these genres, whereas the comparatively fast speed of jungle and drum and bass (160-180 bpm) may have restricted the utility of these subgenres to DJs playing slower-tempo music. Some artists well known for breakbeat include The Freestylers, NAPT, Dj Loopy, Pendulum, Soul Of Man, Dj deekline and wizard, Ben & Lex, The Breakfastaz, Ctrl Z, Stanton Warriors, Dj Icey, Freq Nasty and Plump DJ's.

Breakbeats are used in many hip hop, rap, jungle, and hardcore songs, and can also be heard in other music, from popular music to background music in car and jean commercials on the radio or TV.



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