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Since the age of 10 Clint "twinkdogg" Douglas has been drawn to broken beats. It all started with his introduction to rap and hip-hop in the late 80's with groups and artists from the likes of Nemisis, Big Daddy Kane, Fat Boys, MC Hammer and 2 Live Crew to name a few. While listening to rap and hip-hop Clint instantly began to notice what beats were superior to others and choose these as his prized tracks. After listening to rap and hip-hop for 9 years and being a master at beat recognition a dear friend of his by the name of Scott (DJ Cadep) introduced him to the thing we now know as "breakbeat" or "breaks." This introduction sprouted an undeniable force that would slowly grow and grow over time into a passion and addiction.
Clint along with his partner Scott (Dj Cadep) started learning how to produce EDM from 97-98. During this time Clint also discovered his love for computers and began college majoring in Computer Science. Being engulfed with his Computer Science curriculum, Clint decided to take a break from music production to focus on his college studies while his partner Dj Cadep kept pursuing music production and djing. Though not active in djing or production he still found time to listen and keep up with his passion for breakbeat. While getting away from school work Clint could be found supporting breaks music and acts from Texas to Louisiana from the likes of Hybrid, Icey, Uberzone, Funklab, Jakal & Hyde, Adam Freeland, Baby Anne and online here on and a few other breakbeat enthusiast website. After graduating in 2002 with a BS in Computer Science Clint moved to Houston, TX where he resides now.
Being a collector and avid listener of breakbeat music for years Clint decided to get more serious about djing and promoting breaks. So in 2007 he began brushing up on his djing and in 2008 pursued and got his show "Warrior Breaks" right here on every Wednesday night at 9-11PM CST. Currently Clint aka twinkdogg can be found playing at several parties in the Houston, TX area including the random Krunk Ninjas parties ( ) that him and his long time Houston partner El-Nino are responsible for.  Clint is also a key figure with the promotion and administration of He can be contact via PM to twinkdogg on or by email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it