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TOPIC: Videos of Live Shows
Videos of Live Shows 7 Years, 5 Months ago Karma: 8
Hi all, I just thought I'd post this up to see if it gets some helpful/knowledgeable replies...

After I finished covering NABS - HIT THE BRICKS SHOW last night, I decided to check the video recording out on the uStream page because I kept getting reports of buffering problems from various helpful listeners in the chat-room,so all the way through the show I kept reducing the volume slider control on the video broadcast window.. If I had paid more attention to Nate's suggestions in the chat-room, I would have noticed that he was suggesting I turned the 'video quality' down a bit instead...sorry Nate, (it was a busy chat-room again, so I missed the point)

However.... I've had a bit of an issue lately with Virgin, my ISP, THROTTLING my upload speed, so I took it for granted that this was the root of the problem, but on closer inspection, I think I may be jumping to conclusions...

The recording of the video seems as if it has suffered disconnection/reconnection problems, in as much as, the recording seems to have been split into 4 different sections...but when I checked the page again this morning, the last video recording of the most recent show, (I believe it's Twink...dude in green T-Shirt) his show seems to be split into many more sections, which leaves me to believe that maybe it is a uStream issue...or a server issue with nubreaks maybe..I'm clutching at straws here...so if anyone has any knowledge of this sort of thing happening before, maybe they could shed a little light on the situation.. or offer some useful suggestions as to what the issue may be.... would be really grateful for some input, Cheers, Slick.

ps. Does the recording function 'stop' and 'start' if you change any of the volume or quality controls inside the broadcast window? That might explain it...but 2 shows getting their recordings dissected seems too coincidental...
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Re: Videos of Live Shows 7 Years, 2 Months ago Karma: 14
The multiple shows you saw of me were b/c I was having connection problems that night. Ustream will automatically start and stop as your connection drops and comes back up.
Not sure about changing setting while broadcasting on ustream. You'll have to test that out.
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