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Future Funk Squad - Disorders of Skill

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Future Funk Squad Disorders of Skill

Go put your order in at for one of the most anticipated breakbeat albums of the year. Future Funk Squads new album "Disorders of Skill" is a masterpiece that will be wearing out dance floors for years to come. If you don't know go listen for yourself at or

Future Funk Squad has been a staple in breakbeat since 2000 and his mark is truly on the map with mixes for the likes of... The Prodigy, UNKLE, Bomb The Bass, Hybrid, Muse, Moloko, Mylo and many more high profile and more underground acts. He has also released numerous singles on Default and other labels.
We have been talking with the man himself and he has agreed to do an exclusive guest mix for all of us here at! So stay tuned for more info on this coming soon.


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TRONA gets with cutting edge LA Synth trio PROTECTION for "DON'T REMEMBER", the third single of off the full-length album 'SOUND SYSTEM'. "DON'T REMBER" features pristine production and provocative vocals over cool electro beats. Remix EP includes remixes from BURUFUNK, NYNEX, and MARQ.


Available now from our MP3 Store:

Boonos - Back With It - XSSR Music

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Boonos from Austrailia delivers a heavy tech sound on this latest XSSR release. Back with it has a repititive dancefloor influenced bassline and the straight foward heavy breakbeat. Mars brings the gnarly with his remix. It has a nice string section counteracted with heavy bass and a complex crunchy sounding breakbeat. A++ for sure!

BYBB Special!

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BYBB Special June 11th


This is a SPECIAL ONE TIME EVENT right here on!
For the past 4 months we have been in the lab working on some new stuff for you!
Big thanks to Sun Mountain Studios with the final mastering.
Thanks to all the producers from around the world and listeners that support us!
All 22-24 tracks that will be played during this show will be available
for FREE Promotional download after June 11th.
These tracks will be available from Nubreaks MP3 STORE that will officially be opened on June 5th!
Just check the Shops menu at the top and click on the "Mp3" link.
Any artist or producers that have questions on potential sales please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



BYBB Special Jun 11th


Thursday June 4th Machinen Musik Sneak Peek on Bruise Your Body Breaks 8PM-10PM MST right here on Radio

Maschinen Musik 14 – Time Morphs

RELASE DATE: June 19th 2009
1. - Electronic Confessions: Time Morphs (Written and produced by Dennis Richter)
2. - Electronic Confessions: Lia (Written and produced by Dennis Richter)

Mastering: Andreas Kauffelt @ Schnittstelle / Frankfurt
Cover artwork by Kevin Kappis©

Maschinen Musik 14 brings you the summer with two brand new shining gems out of
the skillful hands of Dennis Richter aka Electronic Confessions. Musical mastery
combined with an outstanding feeling for atmosphere, beats and bass.
"Time Morphs" opens up with a relentlessly driving beat, heavy bass sweeps, and cool
atmospheres, contrasted with glittering melodies and soft pads. A track that is more
than just another dancefloor tool, but a piece of music that captures ones mind and
puts a smile on your face.
"Lia" stays true to this concept and takes the musicality of “Time Morphs” even further.
Irresistible grooves, funky bleeps and a pad melody that captures the warmth of the
rising sun. Machine Music indeed, but with a natural ease and melodic qualities, that
haven’t been seen on Maschinen Musik like that before.
Release notes:
Maschinen Musik 14 will be a digital release and will not be available on vinyl or CD. The
record is distributed worldwide through MTunes ( and will be available
for download on most major download platforms including junodownload, Musicload,, iTunes, and many more.


Secta Chameleon- ‘More Than A Feeling’ Ft Judie Jay

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Secta Chameleon


Artist:             Secta Chameleon                
Track:             ‘More Than A Feeling’ Ft Judie Jay                      
Label:              Chameleon Records
A1:                  Original version
(downtempo electronica)
A2:                  Sam Hell RMX (house)
B1:                   Secta Chameleon RMX (breaks)
B2:                   ‘For The Kids’ (tech house)
B3:                   ‘Homeboy’ (progressive)

Formed in 2000 SECTA CHAMELEON are Sab Mutu and Lazybones hailing from Hungary. With a history of live performances and as accomplished musicians they have played live sets and Dj’ed  (with the occasional help from MCs and vocalists: Sena, MC Manic, Big Daddy Wilson, Melinda Stoika (ex-Deladap), Rika, MC Coppa, Dj Infragandhi, Jutasi and MC Penda) along side the likes of Deep Dish, Infusion, X-Press 2..

Combine the elements of dirty pop, trip-hop, break-beat, house, electro and dirty rock and you have Secta Chameleon. Playing as a full band or sometimes separately as Djs. They have remixed the works of many artists, such as Deladap, Dj Chriss, Coldcut, Neo, Razoof, Pluto Project, Akama, and Paul Murphy... And likewise have been remixed by artist such as Dreadzone, Paul Murphy, Quasar and the Groove Diggerz.

In the ORIGINAL MIX we see Judie Jay lay down sultry smooth vocals over fuzzy, evocative sonic downtempo electronic textures and some effected, stoned guitar tweaks to make this a smoker's favourite.

SAM HELL steps in for some jerky jacking 4/4 peak time house action, with a heavy dose of synthetic funk-plastique to turn the original track on its head.

SECTA CHAMELEON RMX ..Deep euphoria grabs at your chest as you breathe in the heavy uplifting mood of this  breakbeat vocal soundscape.

‘FOR THE KIDS’ is a smoothly serrated exotic euro- tech house dream, punctuated by warm and harmonious sweet sounding eastern promise. Heads are down but arms are raised in appreciation of its anthemic breakdown and drop that is certainly 'for the kids'.

HOMEBOY .. A driving, progressive journey into the darker recesses of synthetic attitude. This searing synth workout pierces your ears and pokes your mind with its incessant hypnotism that takes you on an expansive trip onto a parallel dancefloor controlled by twisted machines!

A definite act to watch out for these two are sure to make their mark in the electronic music scene.

IDJ magazine- ‘an impressively strong package
**New entry at #16 –The DMC Update Zzub Chart A different kind of Buzz! ‘low slung electric blues featuring Judie Jay’ **.
Plays on - Music choice Ltd Sky digital (received by approximately 35million people in Europe)


Video links:      

Secta Chameleon - promomix (19.01.2009)tracklist
1.Secta Chameleon feat. MC Manic - Push along(Groove Diggerz remix)
2.Secta Chameleon - For the kids
3.Secta Chameleon - Homeboy
4.Bad Boyz - Bad Boyz(Secta Chameleon remix)
5.Secta Chameleon feat. Judie Jay - More than a feeling(Sam Hell remix)
6.Secta Chameleon feat. Judie Jay - More than a feeling(Secta Chameleon remix)
7.Secta Chameleon - Illegal export
8.Secta Chameleon - A fat beat's comin again


Chameleon Records

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What is Breakbeat

Breakbeat (sometimes breakbeats or breaks) is a term used to describe a collection of sub-genres of electronic music, usually characterized by the use of a non-straightened 4/4 drum pattern (as opposed to the steady beat of house or trance). These rhythms may be characterised by their intensive use of syncopation and polyrhythms.



In the late 1970s and early 1980s, hip-hop DJs (starting with Kool DJ Herc) began using several breaks (the part of a funk or jazz song in which the music "breaks" to let the rhythm section play unaccompanied) in a row to use as the rhythmic basis for hip-hop songs. Kool DJ Herc's breakbeat style was to play the same record on two turntables and play the break repeatedly by alternating between the two records (letting one play while spinning the second record back to the beginning of the break). This style was copied and improved upon by early hip hop DJs Afrika Bambaataa and Grand Wizard Theodore.This style was extremely popular in clubs and dance halls because the extended breakbeat was the perfect backdrop for breakdancers to show their skills.

In recent times, the term breakbeat has become synonymous with the many genres of breaks music which have become popular within the global dance music scene, including big beat, nu skool breaks and progressive breaks. DJs from a variety of genres, including house and techno, work breaks tracks into their sets. This may occur because the tempo of breaks tracks (ranging from 110 to 150 beats per minute) means they can be readily mixed with these genres, whereas the comparatively fast speed of jungle and drum and bass (160-180 bpm) may have restricted the utility of these subgenres to DJs playing slower-tempo music. Some artists well known for breakbeat include The Freestylers, NAPT, Dj Loopy, Pendulum, Soul Of Man, Dj deekline and wizard, Ben & Lex, The Breakfastaz, Ctrl Z, Stanton Warriors, Dj Icey, Freq Nasty and Plump DJ's.

Breakbeats are used in many hip hop, rap, jungle, and hardcore songs, and can also be heard in other music, from popular music to background music in car and jean commercials on the radio or TV.



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